Hear what our advertisers say about the results they get from the one-and-only PASO magazine.

It works! We’ve advertised in the Paso Robles Magazine for years. Our Activity Guide comes out three times a year, but PR Mag does it for us every month to reinforce the classes available. The Paso Robles Magazine is really like a community bible, everyone reads it and relies on it for information about local activities. We always ask everyone when they come in how they heard about us and Paso Robles Magazine is always at the top. We have NEVER run an ad without a response…it is very, very effective! Trine Marlen

Recreation Coordinator, City of Paso Robles

We always get great response from the Paso Robles Magazine. I’ve been with it since I opened over 7 years ago! We know we can always count on our customers seeing and responding to our weekly specials, it’s the only place we advertise them and our customers are constantly telling us they read it in the magazine. It works! Jody Storsteen

Owner, Berry Hill Bistro

I’ve advertised our state-of-the-art business in the Paso Robles Magazine since we started. We’ve always seen an uptick in phone calls and inquiries when it’s mailed and throughout the month…because it stays around until the next one comes out. The 100% local area mail delivery coverage is really a plus for us. Jim Shepard


It’s amazing how many people come into The Wellness Kitchen and say…”I just read about you in PR Magazine and had to find out what you’re all about!

Thank you PRM, staff, and volunteers for putting out such a genuine, from the heart, down home resource for our community!

Nancy Walker

Executive Director, The Wellness Kitchen and Resource Center

When people return from the mailbox, they build an ‘A’ pile and a ‘B’ pile, Paso Robles Magazine is always in the ‘A’ pile and does not get thrown away with the junk mail. It is read every month and their readers are very loyal. Don’t waste your advertising budget on junk mail. Paso Magazine will get your message delivered. Peter Lucier

Owner, Hearing Aid Specialists of the Central Coast

I’ve advertised with the magazine since it started, always good results. But last month was incredible. We ran an ad for a Saturday night Prime Rib Special. The magazine came out Friday and we were overwhelmed with the unbelievable response on Saturday, we ran out at 6:30! Larry Eastwood

Owner, Vic's Cafe

SolaraloS is a continuing customer with Paso Magazine, due to their local support, wide range exposure and quality business ethics … all very important to us, as we strive to achieve the same in our local solar business! We appreciate your work Bob! Jack and Kathi Hanauer

Owner, SolaraloS

Paso Robles Magazine has has been a tremendous help in building and maintaining my business. Not only that, but it is great publication and an important part of the community. Gary Lehrer

Owner, GRL Computer Consulting

Paso Magazine gives us consistent results. Just had a client bring in an ad from three months ago along with their quote request. Ted Hamm

Owner, Ted Hamm Insurance