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Advertising Policies

PLACEMENT: Placement fees apply to Back Cover (30%), Inside Front Cover (25%), Inside Back Cover (20%), Center Spread (30%), and other (20%). Publisher will insert a previously-run ad if a contracted advertiser does not submit a new ad, or provide new materials and direction, by Materials Due deadline. Publisher will make every effort to comply with placement requests, but will not guarantee location if it conflicts with the principles of the magazine. All ads are subject to Publisher’s approval. Publisher reserves the right to reject any ad for any reason at any time. Publisher reserves the right to place the word ‘Advertisement’ on any ad that could, in the opinion of the Publisher, be mistaken for magazine editorial. Credit card number is due on space reservation.

ARTWORK: Ads designed by our contracted designers are made to order for advertisers, and become shared property between the Publisher and the advertiser as of the date of ad approval. There shall be no additional restrictions of use prescribed to either the Publisher and Advertiser.

DISCOUNTS: Frequency discounts are earned with a 6-month or 12-month contract. Advertisers with contracts will be billed at the contracted rate. Those who fail to fulfill their contracted term will be charged back the difference between earned and open rate.

PAYMENT: For new advertisers or off-contract advertisers, orders must be accompanied with payment. Payment due dates for contracts are the 25th of each month prior to publication. Exceptions must be authorized in writing by the Publisher. We accept checks, ACH and major credit cards (credit card charges more than $500 are subject to a 3% fee).

LATE PAYMENTS: Past due balances will be assessed a 3% monthly fee (not to exceed 18% per year). Credit cards on file shall be charged for invoices more than 30 days past due. Balances more than 120 days past due will be turned over for collection and the debtor will be liable for all costs accrued by the collection process. Advertisers who have taken over 90 days to pay for an ad must prepay all future ads.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations must be made in writing prior to space reservation deadline. Cancellations made after deadline shall not cancel charges, including design surcharges, regardless of whether ad is printed.

FILE STORAGE: Unless requested in writing, electronic files will be stored for six months, then destroyed.

INDEMNITY: Advertisers and their agencies are solely responsible for the contents and claims of their advertisements. Advertisers and their agencies shall indemnify Paso Robles Magazine, Colony Magazine, their owners and their affiliates of any harm caused by their advertising.

AD DESIGN & APPROVAL: Our contracted designers are fluent in design of ads to fit our specs, connect with our market, and communicate with our ad consultants. Provide your ad consultant with direction, high-resolution materials, and let our experts make you an ad that works.

DESIGN FEES: Contract graphic design fees for new designs are 10% of reserved ad size. Monthly updates to ads will be billed at 5% of ad rate. Corrections made to submitted files will be billed at our Design Fee rates.