My first instinct when sitting down to write my letter this month is to tell you all about the items we had to cut due to space. But before I indulge that instinct, I’ll share some gratitude for the reasons we do this. It truly is The Story of Us, by Us, and for Us — “We the People.”

Nicholas Mattson

Nicholas Mattson

In order to form a more perfect union, it was established that freedom of the press be guaranteed by Our Constitution. The governor of our rights then passes authority to the whims of free enterprise, and in your hands is the power of that enterprise — we do this for Paso.

From all of us who worked together to put this issue together — businesses, community leaders and volunteers, writers, production, ad reps, and editors — we say a big THANK YOU to our advertisers who made it possible to share stories about hardworking fundraisers like Wine 4 Paws and Dog Jog, high school band backers, Relay for Life, youth sports, events, or charitable organizations like our featured story on Equine Rescue Center. Our columnists share stories from the corners of the community, and I can rightly state that “together, we make great things happen, and together, we keep great things going.”

I’m very proud to be a part of that, and grateful to local businesses for being a part of that. Each ad in PASO Magazine is its own story of hard work and community spirit. We share pages and pages of local businesses singing like a Sunday choir: one voice from the many — e pluribus unum. We support them, and they support the community we love. We love and believe that our small part is a note in the song that is our community anthem — ‘today, we shall [insert passion here].’

Join us as we continue to carry this message and connect people to people, and things they are passionate about. When the hardworking chef steps out of his or her kitchen to place an ad with us, we know it is because he believes in what he is doing. He cooks, we tell you about it. He may not have a page dedicated to his story just yet, but he has a story and is putting it to work on the grill every day. The ladies at Western Janitorial Supply, The Art Works, or Golden Collar, whose small ad is just loud enough to say, “Come see us! We’ll help you.”

Our story is about helping you tell yours, so you can deliver on your passion. You are the author of your story, and like our own Tom Taylor of Flash History, sometimes all we are doing is compiling the facts in a way that gives our readers an opportunity to see it. Sometimes it is helping you craft your ad to let people know you care about your product and want to share it.

Whatever it is, we will keep trying to improve and know that we are not alone in lying awake some nights pursuing our thoughts about how we can perfect our verse.

Thank you to those who made this one possible.