Melissa has been crafting clever prose for PASO Magazine since the beginning.
Her wit and passion make her a formidable writer.

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Igrew up in Guadalupe, California, where hardworking people toil knee-deep in fields of broccoli and cauliflower. My own all-nighters in packing sheds, a slew of menial jobs and establishing a law enforcement career as a City police officer and dispatcher fostered within me a deeper awareness of others. I’ve discovered that some of the most extraordinary stories are embedded in people who are often dismissed as seemingly ordinary. After moving to North SLO County in 1996, I raised three children while cultivating an interest in news media. Under Chris Alba’s watchful eye and caring heart, my writing career began at Paso Robles Gazette. In 2001, publisher Bob Chute launched Paso Robles Magazine with a dedicated team of creative people. Together, we’ve covered a ton of subjects featuring thousands of folks – from farmworkers to foreign dignitaries. In my interviews, I’ve observed an abiding passion for our community that is both humbling and inspiring. I love where we live. On days off, I enjoy singing, playing my Martin guitar, researching random subjects, social media, photography, backyard deer, concerts, dancing, travel, Giants baseball, cherishing my granddaughter and contemplating ways of getting my grown kiddos into one room at the same time.