Care Management Helps Seniors Live a Full Life

LivHOME offers immediate, long-term solutions and private duty home care that gives families and individuals peace of mind in Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties. Area Director Bonnie Craig recently opened the Paso Robles office to complete local coverage.

Care management includes care oversight, family coaching, health advocacy, and access to resources. The whole person approach available through LivHOME helps seniors live a full life regardless of the limitations of aging.

LivHOME’s Life Care Managers serve as a concierge to advocate on behalf of the families and individuals and coordinate all aspects of care that can include some very difficult emotional issues as well as the business of dealing with the medical industry.

Both family and professionals develop a Plan of Care to honor a loved one’s independence; considering and respecting their passions, hobbies and unique circumstances to optimize their quality of life — wherever they call home.

Regardless of any type of physical, psychological or cognitive limitations, Life Care Managers work with the individual and families to provide resources with safety, security, choice and autonomy in mind. LivHOME Connect technology combines hands-on care with remote care, enabling 24/7 care oversight at significantly reduced cost.

Additionally, it’s important to experience meaningful and joyful activities and stay connected with the world. With the holidays approaching, living alone can be very lonely. LivHOME’s caregivers are always available to chat, share social gatherings and help loved ones stay connected with family and friends.

A Life Care Manager is an independent representative with experience in social work, nursing, gerontology, and/or mental health. An extra layer of high quality care is offered for those with dealing with cancer, Alzheimer’s and dementia, Parkinson’s, heart disease and stroke, as well as behavioral/mental health care, hospital-to-home care, respite and end-of-life care.

It’s helpful to have a professional third-party offer resources and create a care plan that will be valuable and rewarding for everyone involved.

For a consultation and home care assessment, contact Bonnie at, 805-687-8766, 1111 Riverside Dr. and visit