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Honoring Dr. James Longo

n August, after 28 yearsprimary radiationadiation Oncologist in Templeton, Dr. James Longo started saying his goodbyes to his patients and his team as he prepared for his approaching retirement.


Jacob Lovejoy debuts private catering in Paso Before he received a shipment of new chef coats and...

Farm from a box delivers

The infrastructural means required for anyone to farm can be limiting and exorbitantly expensive. “Farm from a box” has addressed this with a system that can deliver rapid and ongoing return – all within a standalone, deliverable unit that provides all the parts to establish a two-acre planting operation.

Dorothy “Dot” Lefebvre’s Eighteen-Ninety House

April marks the 52nd anniversary for Dot Lefebvre’s Eighteen-Ninety House, a framing shop that has a rich history of its own. Her stately home on Paso’s Westside at 626 16th Street was built in 1890 and was turned around to face 16th Street in 1938. Dot says, “I always called it my Eighteen-Ninety House.”

Enjoying the Ride

Steve and Stacy Cotton share their story of founding their own winery, Willow Creek Estate, and and their lessons along the way as they harvest and ferment their first batch of Zinfandel in Paso Robles.